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Terrior Night w/ Casey Rocheteau and atomfoam
March 30, 2009 10:43 AM PDT
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Foam and C. Shores go head to head and compare and contrast their own tracks.

sunday february twenty two two thousand nine
February 23, 2009 09:19 PM PST
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Episode 4 whitehausfamilyrecord & spooktownartifact artists blast lowell sunday february twenty two return to jamaica plains for visualfilmvisiolprojectionlausiv show

Weird reel of tape we found in the basement
February 17, 2009 10:44 PM PST
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Our Whitehaus Family Record Podblast Volume Three is a spicy and farsighted offering indeed. Whilst rearranging the machinery in the basement, Gregs Moon and Sun come upon a dusty box with a tape reel marked "Edison Plasma nos. 3". We put the tape on a player and out came the strangest ambient sounds of tape fragments we had ever heard. At first we didn't like it but soon...The...Trance...Efffect...Set.........In.............So here is a part of our house we are making for a part of the internet to give to a part of you...I would offer this as a substitute for the soundtrack to any one of your favorite home movies, for a new twist on an old favorite, or as a jogging mix tape, or as background music for a real out tea, transcendental meditation, cross country skiing, boxing, church services, or inclusion in your next mix cd,
bon ape tit!


February 16, 2009 01:12 PM PST
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PREVIEW of Whitehaus Family BLASTFEST Friday March 13 at the Cambridge YMCA Theatre. For more info see http://www.whitehausfamilyrecord.com/blastzone/blastfest/

Gracious Calamity: Garden in Your Heart
The Woodrow Wilsons: Size of My Fist (live from Blastfest 08!)
The Points North: Nut Island
Morgan Shaker: Tail Spin
The Great Valley: White Hair
The Needy Visions: Outta Gary
Many Mansions: Marimbas
Greg Moon: Awake Or Asleep
Shira E and the Bright Hearts Brigade: Walk Slow (live from Blastfest 08!)
Avi Jacob: Take Me Home ( live on the air !! )

Episode 1
February 11, 2009 10:15 PM PST
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The Cups- Beat Up Record Machine
Trapeze and Carrots- Vast and Yellow
The Life Adventure- I Don't Know
Debbie and the Bullets- Rosie B Side
The Popsicles- Run For Your Money
The Meadowlarks- Dinosaurs
Morgan Shaker- Within the Divine Crystal Glide
Many Mansions- Metanoia
Manners- Sunshadow Dance Mix
Gracious Calamity- Song that Grows Like a Vine
Peace, Loving- Live at PsychedFest!